Day 170 - Happy 17th Birthday Emily!!!

Did you Christmas is in 6 months? :)


Day 167 - I love my Presto Lemonade Maker

Sherri's Summer Lemonade

4 cups water
2 cups ice cubes
3/4 cups sugar
2 lemons
2 limes
2 oranges

Mmmmmm good.



Day 163 - Before and After (cooked) Little Ceaser Pizza Kits

Emily was selling these frozen as pizza kits for cheerleading and I cooked them Monday night and they are pretty good :). 9 mini pizzas come in 1 kit so we have a few to last.


Day 161 - Popcorn shrimp at Mayflower every Tuesday $3.99

Who wants to join us???????


Day 160 - Amber's graduation balloon

This is the cutest graduation balloon, don't you think? (Pam, I thought of you!!)


Day 157 - Amber graduates (pictured with Katherine and Ricky)

Day 156 - A mommy turkey with her babies

We have 3 sets of mommy turkeys with their babies who "hang out" in our yard. We see them every morning and every evening. Some are big enough to fly and some are not. These are tiny enough to squeeze through the fence.


Day 154 - School's out for summer!!!

Kids start their 11 weeks of summer.


Day 153 - Herbs

My herbs are growing like crazy. I have no idea what I do with them now. Trim them? Dry them? Use them like it is ? HELP!!!


Day 149 - Emily's friend Maddie kicking the ball in 3 shots

This is when I love my big Canon Digital camera - when I can get action shots back to back and they come out great :).