Day 83 - Bees love cherry blossom trees

If I listen carefully, all I can hear is: buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from all the bees around this cherry blossom tree


Rain brings weeds

With Charlie having his rotator cuff surgery on Thursday of this week, we have been busy spraying the weeds in our yard. Now for us, this is a 1/2 day job. Remember we have 29 acres! LOL Actually we do our driveway, all along the driveway (there are steep rocks we have to spray) and all along the fence, all along the pool, in the many flower beds, etc. This is a 2 man job and this is what we do. I drive the Gator (see above, even though that's Charlie driving it so I can take the photo) and he walks along the side of me spraying with this huge tank on the back of the Gator. Works great!!

Day 82 - The sky looks spooky

This is what the sky looked like in the other direction that the rainbow was


Day 81 - A pretty rainbow

I looked outside late yesterday afternoon and this is what I saw. It was a full rainbow but I don't have a lens big enough to get the whole thing so I took it in 2 shots


Nicholas - Before and after

Look who got their hair cut today!!! First photo is taken last summer, I forgot to take a before photo today before he chopped it off.

Day 79 - Dunkin Donuts and friends

Does it get any better than this? Life is great!! :)


Day 78 - Got camels?

I pass these camels on my way to the stamp store.


Day 77 - Cherry blossom trees are blooming all over town

These cherry blossom trees line someone else's driveway on the way to Emily's school. Aren't they beautiful? The first bud photo is from my tree in our yard :).


Day 76 - Rain droplets on a flower

It was raining so I wanted to take a photo of this flower and see if I could capture the rain droplets (is that even a word?). LOL


Day 75 - Really foggy

This is our driveway in the fog. Yes, we have a very long driveway!!


Day 74 - First strawberry of the season

Mmmmm good!!!


Day 73 - Ladybug

Why does she look so sad? LOL


Day 72 - New sandals

I love shoes! I found these at DSW Warehouse. I also love that place!! LOL


Day 70 - More pretty flowers in bloom

These are on the side of our house. A real pretty yellow!! (It had been raining when I took this shot so they look a little wilted but I'm sure they will perk right up once the rain goes away)


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Day 69 - Not 1 hawk, but 2 got in this photo

I have been trying to get some good shots of these 2 hawks for awhile now and they are so hard to capture. Today I managed to get a couple of pretty good ones.


Day 68 - My beanie baby collection

Did anyone else get into beanie babies when they were the "thing" back years ago? I only collected the bears and I don't even know how many I have but this is them, on display. I ran out of room so I quit buying them. ha ha


Day 67 - Published!

I have 4 cards in the latest Just Cards Magazine. WOO HOO!!!


Day 66 - Crocus

These are Crocus that only bloom for about a week. They are so tiny one would miss them if you didn't watch for them to bloom. I do like them though.


Day 65 - Daffodils in full bloom

I love Spring time in North Carolina. Better than Fall (I think).


Flu times 2

The flu is going around the Thacker's house. So far the kids haven't gotten it and I sure hope they don't. We both got flu shots but it didnt' seem to help this time around. I'm typing from my bed, going back to bed now.

Day 64 - My new removable "cast"

I've graduated to this one now. I can take it off to shower and then that's it. He didn't think the stitches were ready to take out so I go back next Wednesday for that. Physical therapy starts Monday (while the stitches are still in.) Ouch!!


Day 63 - Wonderful barbeque

My friend Michelle came for a little visit today. She lives in Lexington and she brought us some wonderful Lexington-style barbeque. With slaw!! I added some corn and this was our dinner. Mmmmm good. It was so good and it was great not to have to cook. Thanks so much Michelle!!! (I also have sweet tea in my cup)


Day 62 - Charlie's birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!! Poor Charlie spent all day yesterday in bed with the flu. Let's hope he's over it and he's good for his birthday. Its too early to tell yet. lol

Keylime Pie - Charlie's favorite!!


Day 61 - My new love ...

This my new love ... in purple ... yes, my new cell phone is PURPLE!!!


Day 60 - Our weekend temps

Charlie's happy now!!


Day 59 - Whose nest is this?

I wonder whose nest this belongs to....


Day 58 - More signs of spring

I am not sure what tree this is ... but I am thinking MAYBE a cherry blossom tree. Can you see the buds sprouting?


Day 57 - My hand



Day 56 - Mr. Snowman

Eyes = olives
Nose = carrot
Mouth = berries from tree
Buttons = mulch
Arms - twigs


Day 55 - When is Spring?

I think we tied a record today with a new low of 14 degrees.


Day 54 - Woke up to this on the ground

I will be having carpal tunnel surgery today on my left hand. I had surgery on my right hand 6 years ago so I know what to expect. I learned how to post a photo and have it post at a later date so I will be doing that for the rest of the week. I will have stitches in my hand for 2 weeks and will wear a brace for about 3 weeks. Wish me luck!!


Day 53 - Tudi greets me

This is how Tudi greets me when I come home from being gone somewhere. She has to have something in her mouth. I have no idea why, its just her thing I guess. LOL