Day 233 - More 1st day high school pics



Day 232 - First day of school (yesterday)

Emily is a senior in high school this year and Nicholas is in his last year of middle school, in the 8th grade..





Day 222 - The makings of a great tomato sandwich

Wonderful tomatoes from Michelle's garden, toasted bread, a little mayonnaise, a little salt, a little pepper and that's it. Mmmmm good!!!! Its almost the end of summer and that means no more great tomato sandwiches. When I first moved to the Carolinas in 1989, I had NEVER had a fresh tomato sandwich. Boy, I did not know what I was missing!! Now I look forward to these every summer!!! Thanks Michelle for giving me a bunch from your garden on Friday!!!

PS The cupcake plate is really small because I wanted to put it on a cute plate just for a cute photo. Then I moved it to a bigger plate. LOL And I bet my mom is reading this and saying "Since when does Sherri like tomatoes?" It did take me awhile to get used to tomatoes. I did not like tomatoes right away when I moved here in 1989. I let Charlie eat tomatoes first and then I gradually ate them. Now I love them. I still will not eat a tomato on a hamburger though. HA HA


Day 219 - Many of you may or may not know my maiden name is Lotz (please read all the way to the end of this post!)

While Debbie and I were in Ohio this past weekend for our uncle's surprise party, Debbie wanted to go to the cemetary to find some of our grandparents graves. We had 29 to search for, dating back to 1878. We found 27 of the 29 but we did not find the 2 oldest, Wilhelm and Magalena Lotz from Germany. We searched and searched and just could not find it. There were over 53,000 markers in that cemetary. Even after going to the office and getting a map of where he and his wife were buried, we could not find it. Anyway, I took this picture of this huge marker with our name on it. Isn't it big??? We could miss this one for sure! :)
Also, towards the end of day 1 in the cemetary, we were looking for our great grandpa Carl Lotz and Debbie made a joking comment asking our great grandpa to give us a sign of where he was. That's when I looked up above and saw a big hawk flying over and it swooped down to the ground and flew right back up. Debbie saw it right then and jokingly said "Let's look over there first where the bird was!" So we went over where the bird had been and sure enough, there the 4 family member markers were!! We both had goose bumps!! So believe what you want but we really think that hawk was showing us the way to their graves. The End.


Day 218 - Our grandparent's old house

This is where our grandma and grandpa lived in Ohio. We would go up every summer over 4th of July. We would catch fireflies, swing on their front porch swing, bet our grandpa a dime that the Cincinnati Reds would win, search for four leaf clovers for HOURS on end and walk to the creamy whip to get our ice cream cones. We remember their house being bigger than this. But then we were alot smaller ourselves back then. Ha


Day 217 - Debbie and I at Big Daddy's Ice Cream

Back when we were kids, we would visit our grandma and grandpa in Hamilton, Ohio and we would walk up to the Creamy Whip (which is now Big Daddy's) and get ice cream cones. Here we are now enjoying our ice cream cones many, many, years later .... well, maybe not THAT many years later. LOL



Day 215 - The scrapbook Debbie made for our Uncle Jimmy

for our uncle's 70th surprise birthday party. Debbie made him this awesome scrapbook filled with lots and lots of wonderful funny stories over the years and great photos of him from when he was a baby until now.


Day 214 - Debbie and I are in Cincinnati, OH for a surprise 70th birthday party for our Uncle Jimmy

and now that the big surprise is over - it was last night - I can share with you some of the details ... and photos of our free pizza we got with our hotel room (the Hampton Inn)... With check in, we actually got a free coupon for a free pizza, a free 2 liter of Cherry Coke and a free 7 oz cup of ice cream. So I lived on the wild side and got 1/2 chicken & pineapple on my side and Debbie stuck with plain cheese on her side. (After trying my side, I think Debbie did like my side. ) HA HA It was from La Rosa's (one of Cincinnati's finest pizza's favorite places!) and the ice cream was by Graeter's and its Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip - one of my absolute favorites!! YUM YUM!!!! We even have a refrigerator in our room WITH a little freezer so this will last a day or two if we don't eat it all tonight!! LOL I will post more photos when I return home of the actual party. We had a wonderful time and it was great to see alot of relatives we hadn't seen since we were little kids.




Day 210 - Meet Sumo the St. Bernard

This is Sammy's dog the St. Bernard. Sammy is Emily's friend. Sumo is a 2 year old St. Bernard. He is so big compared to our 2 dogs. Ha


Day 207 - I think I "need" one of these!!!

Emily and I saw one of these PINK volkswagens parked in front of us at the mall today. Isn't it the prettiest thing ever?? I did a little research online and found out they made only a limited amount of these for the 2010 Barbie Edition. LOL I think I "must" have one, don't you?????