Day 357 - Happy New Years Eve!!

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(Where's Emily? She was ice skating with her friends when we took this photo).







Day 328 - New snowman lights

Are these not the cutest snowman lights? We found them at Costco, they were actually left over from last year so we got all they had. I am posting several photos so you can see them up close. They are solar and they change colors. Click on each photo to make to make them larger if you want.


Day 327 - The dogs with Mr. Snowman

Its December 1st. Can you believe it? This is the last month for this blog. I think I have decided not to do My Life in Photos next year. I might change my mind but as of right now, I think this will be it. Over the next month, I plan to take photos of my favorite Christmas ornaments, favorite Christmas decorations ... not sure what else. This is my favorite snowman decoration outside.