Day 23 - I love anything with cupcakes ....

My stamping friend Chris sent me these cupcake socks. Are they not the cutest socks you've ever seen!!???? I love anything with cupcakes!! Look what I found at Kohls yesterday. Cupcake kitchen towels. They are out for Valentine's Day and I just had to get them. So today its all about cupcakes. Hmmm, now I want one. LOL


Day 22 - This bird comes everyday and sits in this tree

We can see this bird from our kitchen window. We see it everyday - at least I think its the same bird we see everyday. Isn't he pretty?


Day 21 - Humphrey in the fog

I took a ride by the farm down the street. It was really foggy and I wondered what kind of photos I could get of the horses and Humphrey the camel in the fog. Not bad huh?


Day 20 - Is this really me?

HA I took a close up photo of my face. A little close don't ya think? But I thought it was a pretty cool photo.


Day 19 - Pears, beautiful pears!!

Look what I got on Thursday!! I got this big box of beautiful pears from my friend Cheryl. They are from Harry & David and they smell so good!!! We had some last night and they are so sweet and juicy. Yum!!! Thank you so much Cheryl. This was a wonderful surprise. You didn't have to do this, you know. But we're thrilled you did!! :)


Day 18 - Look real hard, what do you see?

See the 2 deer? They match the trees/grass perfectly so I hope you can see them ok. I saw these guys this morning when I took the dogs out. There was a "herd" of them but these are the only 2 I captured on my camera. Then they ran away !!


Day 17 - Feel sorry for the dogs when I go anywhere?

Tudi is the one who tries to stand ON TOP of the windowsill. LOL


Day 16 - My favorite clock!!

You probably guessed - this is my favorite clock. Can you tell why!??!?!??! LOL This flip flop clock is in my stamp room and it makes a nice loud ticking noise. I love it!!


Day 15 - My new BFF ??

Ha - now this is being sarcastic!! For those of you who have no idea what BFF is (mom, do you know what this stands for?), it stands for Best Friend Forever. Well, we got this eliptical machine for Christmas for ALL of us to use. I have been TRYING my hardest to work out everyday but sometimes I just don't get on the darn thing. I do not like it, I do not want to do it ... there, I confessed! Anyway, I am up to 12 minutes a day but not everyday! LOL I'm trying, I am really trying!!! HA!!!!


Day 14 - Wanna see how I keep warm in my stamp room?

LOL This is my space heater and I have it on when its below 40 degrees. Its right next to my computer and/or stamping table. It keeps me warm on these cold days!! And yes I do get cold!


Day 13 - The kids did manage to write their names

in the tiny little bit of snow we had yesterday ...


Day 12a - Since its Inaugeration Day, I thought I would post a few photos from ABC News

I thought they came out pretty good so why not put them here on my blog?

Also, I have no special snow photos to show from today. We only got a dusting .. oh well, maybe next time :).

I've had a few spam comments today

so I have changed my blog where you have to enter a verification code before leaving a comment, plus I must approve all comments. Sorry but I feel like this will help get rid of the spammers.... :)

Day 12 - Here we sit ... waiting for snow !!

Its a big deal when the weather man says "3-5 inches of snow" is coming to Charlotte... we rarely get snow and when we do, we all act like little kids giddy with excitement! I decided to bake brownies while I wait for the big snowflakes to make their appearance. I am posting this at midnight and hoping I will get lots of pretty white photos in the morning once the sun comes up ... My sister Debbie got me these cute snowman dishes for Christmas so I thought it was only appropriate to get them out for this occasion :). Aren't the plates the cutest?


Day 11 - I love my porch swing !

My grandma Lotz in Ohio had a porch swing just like this that I used to love to swing in when we would go visit her when we were little.


Day 10 - Cinnamon rolls anyone?

I definitely have a weakness for cinnamon rolls!!!


Day 9 - Is it really colder here than in Salt Lake City, Utah?

If you go to Angie's blog, it was 16 degrees there when she took her photo. Here its 9 degrees! Whoa!! That's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing!!! Our little weather man has his umbrella out (see him at the bottom?) I wonder if this means snow is in our future?!!


Day 8 - Is it really going to be 6 degrees on Saturday morning?

We got cold temperatures but never this cold ... this is what I chose to take a photo of ...


Day 7 - Miniature Donkey

This cute miniature donkey lives on our street on a farm. She lives with a camel, deer, pigs, horses, and other miniature donkeys. She loves to be petted. I wonder what her name is ....


Day 6 - Signs of Spring already?

Oh no ... Are these my tulips starting to poke through ALREADY!??!?!?! And another small tree I noticed has buds on it too ... its only January! And ... they are predicting 10 degrees when we wake up on Saturday morning. 10 degrees? I'm not sure I have ever been THAT COLD!!! Brrrr


Day 5 - Full moon

I tried to get a photo of the full moon when it was at its fullest a couple of nights ago but it was too cloudy. Finally was able to get one now ....


Day 4 - Sunrise in Concord

This is what I saw this morning.


Day 3 - A beautiful sun setting

I looked out last night and this is what I saw in our front yard.


Day 2 - Go Panthers!!

Living near Charlotte, we are all rooting for the Charlotte Panthers tonight. They are in the play-offs against the Cardinals. Here is Ladybug sporting her Panther attire for good luck!! Ladybug will be 10 in July. She is a black & white English Springer Spaniel and we've had her since she was just 8 weeks old. Her and Tudi actually come from the same line of springers. Ladybug's father is Tudi's grandfather or something like that and he lives up in Wisconsin and is a springer spaniel champion.


Day 1 - Real bag of chips or a fake?

Welcome to my new blog. I can't take credit for this great idea because 2 of my friends started it before me. Angie and Christie each are doing the same thing. I am going to take a photo each day for 365 days and post a photo each day. I hope I can keep up with it. I just discovered "facebook" yesterday so I have to find time for that too. LOL

This is Tudi. She is a brown and white English Springer Spaniel. We got her when she was about a year and half old. She will be 3 in April. Tomorrow I will post a recent photo of our other springer spaniel who is Ladybug. I can't show favorites now, can I?