Day 113 - In our PJ's

Notice my cute flip flop jammies :).



Day 109 - Mr. Woodpecker

Isn't this little guy cute?


Day 108 - Bridal shower gift card holder and ATC

I made this for Angie's "surprise" bridal shower and its out of an empty paper towel roll. I posted directions in an earlier post. What I have to say is you should use the sticky tape when adding the paper to the paper towel roll. The first one I did I used my Duck 2sided tape but that did not hold and I tried the sticky tape that comes on a red roll works much better!! I also made Angie a wedding ATC. Isn't it cute? LOL


Day 106 - My street

Obviously this was taken several weeks ago since you can see snow covered trees but I still think its a pretty photo with the sun coming up in the background.


Day 105 - Mr. Rooster


Day 104 - Tudi turns 3!!

Happy Birthday Tudi!! You are a big girl now! LOL


My new watermark

I have had a few people asking me how I added the watermark to my photos. First, I went to this blog and paid Karen $2 for each watermark. I bought 2. I have a different one for each blog. I do not have Photoshop Elements so I had to download a free photo editing program called Gimp and I found that here. It took me some playing around but I finally got it to work!! I also have Picasa 3.0 and Infanview photo editing programs which I downloaded free from the internet but I could not get the watermark to download with those. Karen is super nice to work with and she answers emails pretty fast. Thanks Karen! You're the best!!

Day 103 - Downtown Concord

This is our "small" downtown.


Day 102 - Amber, Emily and Brittany

Just playing with my settings on Picasa. I really have no idea how I got this effect - Emily is in color and Amber and Brittany are in black & white. I love it though!!!


Day 101 - One of my favorite pictures

I had these silhouettes done of the kids in 1996. I saw an ad in the paper that they were going to be doing this at Burdines or Dillards or some department store so I took the kids and had them done. Both look EXACTLY like them and this is one of my favorite pictures hanging outside my stamp room.


Day 100 - I made it to Day 100!!

WOW, I made it to Day 100. When I started this blog in January, I didn't know how long I would keep it up but I made it to Day 100. Are you enjoying my photos each day?


Day 99 - Nicholas' new shoes

How do you like Nicholas' new shoes? Size 9 1/2


Day 98 - Aren't these tulips gorgeous?

These tulips are just down the street from my vet's office. I'm glad I took these BEFORE our hail storm. I'm sure they were all leaning over after that!!


Day 97 - First hummingbird of the season

This little guy came to visit on Saturday. I took this through the window and I was surprised it came out as good as it did.


Day 96 - The Easter bunny came

The Easter bunny came and brought lots of goodies for all of us!!


Day 95 - Happy Easter!

My friend Angie got married in Vegas

yesterday. Her mom called me at 11:15 pm, woke me up to tell me (she was so happy she wanted to tell someone! HA) and then I couldn't go back to sleep! I finally did of course, after wanting to text all my Shackie friends but I stayed in bed and eventually did go back to sleep. LOL

CONGRATS TO ANGIE AND KERRY!! BTW, Angie ... what's your new last name?


Day 94 - Easter's almost here

I took these of the dogs last Easter. lol


A freak hail storm today

Day 93 - Inside a tulip

Ever wonder what the inside of a tulip looks like?


Day 92 - Our barn

This is our barn. IF we had any animals, this would be their home. lol And no we do not have this snow on the ground right now, I took this a few weeks ago when we had our 2nd snowfall this year.


Day 91 - This guy seems content

With his head sticking through the fence and eating grass


Day 90 - My card wall

I have this huge corkboard hanging in my stamp room and whoever sends me a card gets to go right on my card wall :). See all the pretty cards I have gotten lately?


Day 89 - Orange Creme Kisses

See what I found at Target?


Day 88 - Charlie had this painted for our 1st anniversary

and that was almost 17 years ago (we'll be celebrating our 18th year on May 14th). This hangs in our livingroom. We were married on Magen's Bay in St. Thomas.



Day 86 - A fresh mowed lawn

I love the smell of a fresh mowed lawn ...


Day 85 Part 2 - Emily won the game!!

Emily wins soccer game 2-1. She made both goals! WOO HOO EMILY!!! (sorry for the poor photo of the scoreboard but its taken with the iphone)

Day 85 Part 1 - Charlie's last meal before his surgery

Charlie is having a torn rotator cuff repaired on Thursday. We have to be at the surgery center by 5:45 am which means we will leave around 5:30. He's the first surgery of the day and we should be home between 11-12. He can't eat after midnight and this is what he had.


Day 84 - The hummingbird feeder goes up on April 1st

All of our neighbors put up their hummingbird feeders today so that means I do too. I love watching them in the summer!! I took this photo of this hummingbird in Charlie's hand last year. It had flown into the garage and could not figure out how to get out. We put up the hummingbird feeder in the garage and he finally came down to get a drink and Charlie swooped him up in his hand. Somehow I managed to get this shot. Pretty neat huh?

I don't buy those expensive red hummingbird foods in the store, I make my own and here is the recipe:

Hummingbird Food

1 cup sugar
4 cups water

Stir ingredients together in small pan. Boil together for 1 minute. Let cool. This makes alot so I add it to the feeder, then put the rest in the refrigerator. Be sure to change it every few days when it gets hot outside. I have always had ALOT of hummingbirds and can't wait to see my first one in a couple of days.