Day 52 - Drawings in my stamp room

These drawings are in my stamp room. Emily drew the 1st and 3rd picture when she was about 5 years old I think. She drew them in art camp over the summer. Nicholas drew the picture in the middle at school when he was about 7. I have them hanging in my stamp room. Now the kids are 16 and 13. Aren't they cute????


Day 51 - Signs of Spring

My daffodils are blooming!! Does this mean Spring is just around the corner???? I think so!!


Day 50 - A Mini Donkey

Isn't he cute??


Day 49 - Look who we found hopping by the pool

A little early for Easter. LOL


Day 48 - Ahhhh to be tall and thin ...

I thought this photo came out so funny. Especially since I am not tall (I'm only 5'1") and I am not considered "thin". This is my shadow in our driveway.


Day 47 - School buses

As I was sitting outside Nicholas' school, I decided to take a photo of all the school buses lined up. I pick up Nicholas since the school is only about 3 miles from our house.


Day 46 - Who remembers Moon Pies?

Mmmmmm. Look what I found at the grocery!! Mini moon pies!! LOL


Day 45 - A third dog?

Gotcha!!! This is our third dog and I might say that it is Charlie's FAVORITE pet that we have. LOL

He's a good dog, just sits there and is quiet. ha ha


Day 44 - This is my favorite person on American Idol

Danny Goke - I know its still early in the season but I like him the best out of all of the contestants so far!!


Day 43 - Cherry blossom trees in Charlotte!!

I love cherry blossom trees and when I was going to my friend Ellie's house, I noticed they are blooming all over in Charlotte. Aren't they pretty?


Day 42 - IKEA opens in Charlotte

IKEA opens in Charlotte today. I will wait till the crowds die down before I venture in there.


Day 41- Laura's quilt

My old dear friend Laura from Indiana made me this quilt many years ago. She recently "found" my blog and emailed me and now we are back in touch after about 15 or so years. I know its been a long, long, long time!! Anyway, I told her I still have the quilt she made me about 20 years ago and she didn't remember what quilt it was so Laura, this photo is for you to see if you remember making it for me. And yes, I think I do remember it being one of the first ones you had ever sewn and I remember being very impressed!!! I still love it and its like brand new!!


Day 40 - Out with the old, in with the new

I keep my snowman plates out until Valentine's Day. They are not really "Christmasy" so I leave them out since its still winter. But I figure once Valentine's Day comes, we start warming up a bit (not alot, just a bit) so I put away my snowman plates till the holidays roll around again and bring out my everyday plates :).


Day 39 - Rain Rain ...

We woke up to rain this morning ... we sure do need it!


Day 38 - My cute kitchen canisters

I love my kitchen canisters. Wanna see?


Day 37 - Flip flop salt & pepper shakers?

Yep its true. I have these cute salt and pepper shakers too.


Day 36 - What is cooking in the fire??

Scroll down to see what looks like is on fire. LOL DH was cooking steaks on the grill and when I came outside to take a photo, he was using this water sprayer and the fire went real high, so I snapped the photo just then when the fire went up and got this cool shot.

Here is the finished product. Mmmm, they were really good too!!!


Day 35 - Another full moon shot

This time I got the trees in it. I used my tripod for this shot.


Day 34 All of my flip flops here in a circle

Its only January but we are having really nice weather right now so i dragged out my flip flops and decided why not take a photo? You will see my favorite brand of flip flops is called Rainbows. They are the best. I have them in green, yellow, brown and black. Next I want them in red. But they are hard to find in red so I have to keep looking.


Day 33 - Did you know we had goldfish?

Everyone knows we have 2 springer spaniels but no one seems to know we have 2 goldfish too. Emily won these at the county fair 2 years ago. That big one just keeps growing but we refuse to get a bigger tank. He will have to make do in this tank. lol


Day 32 - Experimenting with black & white photos

Charlie took this photo of Emily, Nicholas and I when it snowed. I changed it to black & white using Picasa 3 (I downloaded the program for free). This program is real easy to use and even "I" can figure out how to alter the photos when I need it to.

Day 31 You know your car is dirty when someone you don't know writes your name on your tire

Emily was at the mall the other day and when she came out she saw someone had written on her tire "Emily Thacker wash me". LOL Time to give it a good cleaning!!!!!!!!! With it reaching almost 70 degrees this weekend, we got all 3 cars washed and they look great!!


Day 30 Spring is coming!!

You can see my tulips (or are they daffodils?) poking even more way through the flowerbed. The snow has melted and these have survived. Now that we've had 1 day of snow, we can have Spring now. Its going to be near 70 degrees today and tomorrow. Time to get out the shorts and flip flops, of course!!


Day 29 - The sky appears to be on fire ...

When I saw the sky last night, I thought "Wow, it looks like its on fire" so I run and grab my camera once again. Just a beautiful sunset, isn't it?


Day 28 - I have never seen a deer print in the snow

Thanks to Jacob, Tracey's son who gave me this idea to take a photo of a deer print in the snow.


More photos of snow

Its 18 degrees, the kids are still asleep (no school) and as soon as they get up, I'm sure we will get the sleds out. Here's a few photos I took this morning ... The ruler says we got 5". WOO HOO!!!!

Day 27 - What's that white stuff coming down from the sky?

We do not get too much snow in Concord, NC. So when it does snow, the whole town gets excited to see the white stuff coming down. This started last night around 7 pm but it only snowed for 2 minutes. Went to bed and they were saying no accumulation was expected. Its 5 am and I woke up to WHITE SNOW EVERYWHERE. I bet we have about 3" or so. School has been cancelled for the day so out come the sleds as soon as the kids get up. I will take more photos when its light out. For now, I am going back to bed!!!


Day 26 - Did you know I was in a magazine once?

I came across this magazine that I was in and wanted to share it as my photo of the day. (That is NOT me on the cover doing the dive!!!!) ha

In September of 1994, I found out I was pregnant with Nicholas. One day on Prodigy, I started a message board topic called "Pregnant Due May 1995". 20 of us joined. One of the girls who joined worked at a large advertising firm and they did an article on us. This seems so long ago (14 years ago). After our babies were born, we became "Babies born May 1995" and we all met in Washington DC for a one year old birthday party for the babies. (Not all 20 people came but I think 10 of us did) It was fun!

This magazine went out of production shortly after this issue came out. LOL


Day 25- Before the storm hits

I took the dogs out last night and this is what I saw. I ran to get my camera as I thought this was such a neat looking sky right before the storm rolled in ...


Day 24 - Superbowl Sunday

Here is what we're having to eat during the Superbowl. Its REALLY all about the food right????