Day 2 - Go Panthers!!

Living near Charlotte, we are all rooting for the Charlotte Panthers tonight. They are in the play-offs against the Cardinals. Here is Ladybug sporting her Panther attire for good luck!! Ladybug will be 10 in July. She is a black & white English Springer Spaniel and we've had her since she was just 8 weeks old. Her and Tudi actually come from the same line of springers. Ladybug's father is Tudi's grandfather or something like that and he lives up in Wisconsin and is a springer spaniel champion.


christie said...

She looks so cute!!!!!

Renu (midnitecreations) said...

she looks great for being 10!

shuggy said...

how cute!!

ps i love the header!!

The Stampin' Soldier said...

Oh, I love pet pictures. I hope you'll share more soon.

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Anonymous said...

Your spingers are beautiful, we have a gorgous black and white English Springer named Teddy, it's actually Theadore something or other that matches his champion bloodline name but to us he is just Teddy.

Ours is a little over a year old now, he stays in his own room for now as we still have issues with him urinating when he gets excited, and he jumps all over people so we are trying to work with him to calm him down a bit.

Honestly I can't wait until he can be out with us full time I miss him when he is in his room.

He is a belly rub addict though that's how he got us, he rolled over on his back and wanted belly rubs the first time we saw him and it worked we adored it and took him home :)