Day 36 - What is cooking in the fire??

Scroll down to see what looks like is on fire. LOL DH was cooking steaks on the grill and when I came outside to take a photo, he was using this water sprayer and the fire went real high, so I snapped the photo just then when the fire went up and got this cool shot.

Here is the finished product. Mmmm, they were really good too!!!


Sharon aka Smurfie93 said...

Looks yummy!!! We are going out to dinner tonight for Christopher's birthday...to a really good steak place. Then coming back home for cake. I make a Waldorf Astoria cake, that is his and Mike's favorite. I have to make it again in 2 weeks for Mike's birthday LOL.

Mrs. Fence said...

Oh, yum! Great photo! I want to come to your house for dinner!

Proud Mom said...

Yum - what time should we be there for dinner? Fun idea for a photo!