Day 68 - My beanie baby collection

Did anyone else get into beanie babies when they were the "thing" back years ago? I only collected the bears and I don't even know how many I have but this is them, on display. I ran out of room so I quit buying them. ha ha


shuggy said...

i had no idea you collected those!

Mrs. Fence said...

I didn't, but Jacob had so many, we had to give some away. Mom and MIL bought them by the bagfuls at yard sales once everyone else got sick of them! He's never forgiven me for giving some away, even though he still has as many as what's in your cabinet!!!

Lisa said...

I love Beanies! Never really collected them though. My kids have gotten into it now. My son's 5th grade teacher lets them bring a Beanie in on Fridays and my son likes taking a different one each week.