Day 305 - Emily made the Concord Newspaper - front page!!!

Concord High School and AL Brown have been "battling for the bell" for 79 years. They are our biggest rivalry and each year, whoever wins the football game gets to keep the bell in their front office of the school for that year. Well, we were NOT favored to win this year at all. Our overall score for the year was 4-2 and AL Brown was at a 6-0 advantage with no losses. So I really did not think we would win. Emily went to the game with her friends all decked out (still trying to get photos of that) and she texted me at 10 pm saying "Mom, we won 13-10". She said both teams were crying ... AL Brown was crying because they had lost to us and we were crying because we had won the final game. We havent' beat them since 2006 and Emily was a freshman back then. So all of Concord High is very happy now :).

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