Day 214 - Debbie and I are in Cincinnati, OH for a surprise 70th birthday party for our Uncle Jimmy

and now that the big surprise is over - it was last night - I can share with you some of the details ... and photos of our free pizza we got with our hotel room (the Hampton Inn)... With check in, we actually got a free coupon for a free pizza, a free 2 liter of Cherry Coke and a free 7 oz cup of ice cream. So I lived on the wild side and got 1/2 chicken & pineapple on my side and Debbie stuck with plain cheese on her side. (After trying my side, I think Debbie did like my side. ) HA HA It was from La Rosa's (one of Cincinnati's finest pizza's favorite places!) and the ice cream was by Graeter's and its Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip - one of my absolute favorites!! YUM YUM!!!! We even have a refrigerator in our room WITH a little freezer so this will last a day or two if we don't eat it all tonight!! LOL I will post more photos when I return home of the actual party. We had a wonderful time and it was great to see alot of relatives we hadn't seen since we were little kids.

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