Day 222 - The makings of a great tomato sandwich

Wonderful tomatoes from Michelle's garden, toasted bread, a little mayonnaise, a little salt, a little pepper and that's it. Mmmmm good!!!! Its almost the end of summer and that means no more great tomato sandwiches. When I first moved to the Carolinas in 1989, I had NEVER had a fresh tomato sandwich. Boy, I did not know what I was missing!! Now I look forward to these every summer!!! Thanks Michelle for giving me a bunch from your garden on Friday!!!

PS The cupcake plate is really small because I wanted to put it on a cute plate just for a cute photo. Then I moved it to a bigger plate. LOL And I bet my mom is reading this and saying "Since when does Sherri like tomatoes?" It did take me awhile to get used to tomatoes. I did not like tomatoes right away when I moved here in 1989. I let Charlie eat tomatoes first and then I gradually ate them. Now I love them. I still will not eat a tomato on a hamburger though. HA HA


shuggy said...

hey, great minds!!

mom in Florida said...

You can have them sherri.