Day 217 - Debbie and I at Big Daddy's Ice Cream

Back when we were kids, we would visit our grandma and grandpa in Hamilton, Ohio and we would walk up to the Creamy Whip (which is now Big Daddy's) and get ice cream cones. Here we are now enjoying our ice cream cones many, many, years later .... well, maybe not THAT many years later. LOL


Mom in Florida said...

Even I remember when you girls use to love going to this place for creamy whips when you were little.

Sharon aka Smurfie93 said...

Don't kid yourself, it is "many many" years later LOL. But we always enjoy going back to those favorite spots don't we?

deb said...

I was hoping to get grape sherbet since that's the only place I've ever had it but they didn't have any. I had to settle for swirl ice cream which was still yummy!